If you’re looking to fit a high-quality wooden floor that needs to be both durable and resistant to changes in humidity, then you have come to the right place, Ms.Brandon's flooring carries wide range of styles and designs in large variety and selection of both solid and engineered wood, in both residential and commercial flooring throughout the Las Vegas Area.

The engineered hard wood flooring is real hard wood – the word engineered just refers to the way in which it’s made. This type of construction means that it is more stable than a solid wood floor, because it doesn’t expand or contract as much. The core of the floor comes from oak and walnut; these are considered strong and long lasting wood.

Engineered Wood flooring offers the living beauty and natural quality of real wood together with the exclusivity for a comfortable home and well-being atmosphere, the ideal floor for a classic style of furnishing, distinguished by its exquisite yet unassumingly timeless look and classic elegance.

Engineered floor gives you the ultimate real wood gorgeousness. Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed by two or more layers; the top layer is made of real wood, which is the visible part of floor, Using the very best engineering techniques, Engineered Wood flooring blends the affordability with the durability of Solid Wood flooring to bring a truly versatile flooring product. An ideal choice for bathrooms, hallways & conservatories, and kitchens, Call us at 725-229-1254 or email us at Msbrandonsflooring@gmail.com