Want to replace the baseboards that are currently installed in your home? No problem.

Ms.Brandon's Flooring, Las Vegas top Baseboard Retailer. We have all types of baseboard throughout the Las Vegas Area. Ms.Brandon's Flooring specialize in all moldings: Baseboard, crown molding, trims, door and window casings, wood paneling and chair rail.

Baseboards – an effective way to improve the look of your home dramatically!

Baseboards can be found in every house, apartment or condo. They run the length of a wall next to the floor to conceal carpet, hardwood, or other flooring gaps or imperfections. They serve as protection against vacuum cleaners, mops sloshing against walls and furniture scrapes or bumps causing damages to the walls.

Baseboards are simply elegant. It creates value to your home, beautifully.

Why Choose Us?

We serve to accommodate as many design profiles and ideas as possible and therefore offer our customers a great selection of materials, styles to choose from. With a highly stocked warehouse and showroom we take pride in meeting your supply demands and needs.